Massage Slipper and Shower Foot Scrubber

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Your feet are smelling bad? You are afraid to take off your socks in the living room? Ever wonder why they stink?

The truth is you have bacteria eat dead skin cells from your skin. Their colonies will grow and start getting rid of waste in the form of organic acids. It's those organic acids that are actually causing the bad smell.

Get rid of those acids with this massage slipper!

What are the features of this foot scrubber ?

  • Seamlessly cleans your feet from top to bottom
  • No more back pain caused by bending trying to clean your feet
  • Made with over a thousand soft cleaning bristle
  • Massages, exfoliates and eliminates the organic acids
  • This massage slipper fits all type of feet regardless of the size or shape
  • Suction cup base sticks to almost any surface
  • This foot scrubber is easy to keep clean
  • Be great for feet of all ages, perfect for family use
  • Perfect for seniors and those with limited movement


  • Material : Plastic
  • Dimensions: 28cm/11.02" X 14cm/5.51" X 10cm/3.94"
  • Color: Blue / Pink


  • 1 x Brush Slipper and foot scrubber (Pair)