Led Flexible Magnetic Mirror - FlexyMirror™

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How frustrating is it when your bathroom counter keeping you from seeing close up in the mirror? You don't have enough bathroom  lighting to put your makeup on or groom efficiently?

This flexible magnetic mirror is provided with an  incredible light up LED 5x magnification mirror with unique pivot motion. See from any angle clearly and up close. It’s like having your 20/20 vision back! This led Magnetic Mirror makes the smallest angles five times larger and bigger.

Simplicity of use : Simply attach the base, pop on the mirror, illuminate and angle. Get that Youtuber lighting within seconds!

The secret weapon is the pivot-flex base that holds the magnetic mirror and adjusts for perfect angles while 6 built-in LEDs lights your face giving you 5 x magnifications.


  • This LED Magnetic Mirror is 5x magnification mirror w/ unique pivot motion
  • Distortion free and optical quality mirror
  • The pivot-flex base holds and adjusts 360° for perfect angles
  • 6 built-in LEDs illuminate your face allowing you to see each angle
  • Bring it everywhere, set it up and take it off easily 

 This Led Make up Mirror is a perfect fit when applying makeup, putting in contact lenses, shaving, and even using tiny jewelry clasps. 

You will not find this item in stores, we are the only one to shipped it fast in the US market.