FailProof & Non Sticky Crepes Maker

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Make soft and restaurant style crepes in seconds with this crepes maker. 

How frustrating is it when you are messing your crepes up not because you don't have the good recipe but because you have the wrong sticky pan?

This crepe machine will allow you to prevent your crepes from getting stuck to the pan thanks to her non sticky coating.


AUTOMATIC TEMPERATURE CONTROL : This crepe machine is provided with an automatic temperature ensuring that the food is burnt without overheating. The insulated handle protects your hands from burns.

MAKE CREPES IN 20 SECONDS: Making crepes has never been easy, but thanks to the electric griddle crepe maker they can be made within seconds, even by beginners. 

EASY TO USE : Simply preheat the crepe maker, spread a thin layer of batter, and watch your crepe cook in seconds.

NON-STICK COATING : This hot plate griddle uses die cast aluminum plate with non-stick coating and unique bakeware makes it easy to remove the cooked crepes. Healthy, smoke-free and easy to clean. Big handle for easy operating, safe to use.

EASY TO CLEAN : These round electric single crepe maker with non-stick surface cleans, simply wipe the cooking plate over with a damp cloth and your crepe machine is clean. Always make sure the appliance is cool and dry before storing.

SMOKE FREE : With this crepe machine you don't have to deal with the smoke coming out of your kitchen. 

COMES WITH EXTRAS : It comes with a FREE  whisk and an egg beater.

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Product Specifications

Material: Carbon steel + non stick coating
Heat resistance: 230 degree 
Wok type: Non-sticki
Pot Cover Type: Without Pot Cover
Material: Steel
Metal Type: Carbon Steel
Certification: FDA
Feature: Eco-Friendly
Applicable Stove: Induction Cooker
Pot Cover: NO

Package includes :

1 X Crepes maker 
1 X Egg Beater
1 X Batter Pot