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Nasal congestion can be difficult to clean and are getting your little one cranky! Is he or she not sleeping because of congestive mucus?

If baby is not sleeping parents either and that's a big problem when it's recurring.

Remove the congestive mucus with this baby nasal aspirator! It will allow you and your little one to have restful sleep. 

Features of the baby nose sucker :

It contains five gears that can be adjusted and selected by one key control, easy and convenient for meeting different needs.

SAFE & SOFT :  silicone suction head and nozzle, soft and skin-friendly
ENHANCE SLEEP QUALITY : Give your little one a restful sleep
EASY TO CLEAN : Detachable design for proper cleaning 
QUIET & DISCREET : This baby snot sucker is so quiet that you can even use it while they're asleep.
USB RECHARGEABLE : Bring it everywhere and when traveling without having to worry about batteries.
ANTI-REFLUX : This anti back flow design is preventing the snot from flowing back into the nose

 How to use and clean the baby nasal aspirator  :

1. To clean it up, soak the suction nozzle in warm salt water for 10 minutes to disinfect.
2. Install the nasal aspirator and open the switch to start.
3. If the nasal excrement is dry nasal excrement, can use saline or nasal spray to spray into the nostril first, the nasal spray should be exposed to the nasal cavity for four to five minutes.

The fuselage is not washable, please do not put the fuselage in water to clean.

Specifications :
Model: LB - 1801
Motor voltage: 3V

Battery: 380mAh lithium-ion battery (included)

Vacuum maximum suction: 3500mmHg (65kPa)
Storage delivery environment: -10 - 55 Deg.C (the relative humidity remains within 85 percent)
Operation environment: 16 - 35 Deg.C (the relative humidity remains within 85 percent

USB cable length: about 77cm